You’re plain wrong.

If you’re not scared or angry at the thought of a human brain being controlled remotely, then it could be this prototype of mine is finally starting to work.

Recently coming across this quote online, I was obviously curious. If mind control actually existed, and we could harness its power, maybe we could have some fun for a while. So, naturally, I searched for it online and came up with this: http://www.phinnweb.org/neuro/brainwash/ – tips and techniques for brainwashing people. I just thought it useful (or harmful, depending on how you interpret it) and decided to share it here.

1) REPETITION – Going through the same subject over and over again until it is known by heart.

2) ACTIVITY PEDAGOGICS – The subjects are never left alone nor give any private time of their own, they are always in activity.

3) CRITICISM AND SELF-CRITICISM – The subjects are supposed to feel uncertain; under the constant threat of being humiliated and despised.

You really enjoyed reading this article, didn’t you?

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