WIPUP 14.01.10 released!

It’s party time! After a long break from development in November and a few more commits creeping through in January and late December I’ve decided to update the web version to the latest and greatest – the so-called 14.01.10 version. Yes, it’s the one and only WIPUP.

For the unaware, WIPUP is a website that allows you to log updates and unfinished progress on any project in a very flexible manner – a version control for the average joe for the massive collection of hits and misses from your random musings. It’s a way to answer the age-old question of “what’s up, doc?” and finally realise how much time you’ve been wasting instead of creating that awesome Lego city. But so what? Let the site itself be self-explanatory. (if it isn’t, it’s a bug!)

I don’t want to fall into the dogfooding trap again, so I’m just going to leave any potential developers with an opportunity. For the rest, including comments, the real update, click here to check out the WIPUP 14.01.10 release announcement. For those who want a sneak preview of the new timeline project view, you can check out my WIPUP profile as an example.

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  1. It’s amazing that you’ve developed a software/service such as this. I couldn’t imagine how much effort you put into coding the features into it.

    By the way, do you plan to market and sell it to google or any other online giant who might be interested (ala hotmail)?

  2. Thanks hari! I would love to be able to work more on this but real life ™ calls at the most inappropriate times :)

    As for selling, this is actually part of my little SaaS plan. I don’t like most of the other “solutions” out there and quite honestly nothing that offers this exists online so I decided to make my own. Scratching your own itch, so to say. Plus, it’s open-source so that makes it unsellable I guess, unless they want to back it’s hardware sometime in the future if it turns out that other people than me decide to use it.

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