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Recently found this very interesting blog post on Planet KDE, and thought I might share it here:

Windows 7 – and what army?

and here’s a link to the Bloomberg article that supports it:

Bloomberg – Click

Oh, and to keep things interesting, here is a screenshot leaked for Windows 7. Apparently they’re going for a clean design and less 3D whizz. In my opinion, KDE still looks better (and the best thing is, you can customise it to look like Windows if you really want to). Compare for yourself? (Click for larger picture)

Oh, and even more hilarious is how their new taskbar at the bottom looks like an almost exact ripoff KDE. Take a look at KDE 3.5 (yes, I know it’s the old KDE) and compare. Launcher, nice big quickstart icons, (ok, the workspaces are missing) task manager, system tray, clock, and even something that looks like the hider arrow on the right.

What can I say? First they steal Mac’s visual effects (ok, Linux stole it too, but we improved it and we’re free software) and made it look worse, then they’re about a year behind on desktop widgets (which Linux has had regularly for quite some time, and Mac same), and well, they still haven’t caught up with the idea of multiple workspaces. Shame. Microsoft. Shame.

For comparisons sake here’s my latest desktop screenshot (which changes almost every week).

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  1. are you sure that microsoft does such plagiarism?because i see that most of computer users opt for microsoft rather than any other?

  2. What Microsoft does have is money to advertise and sell. After they made the deal early on Windows 3 with IBM, they became the “standard”. This meant compatibility issues if you don’t use the standard. Notice people with Macs might have trouble working with some Windows applications. That’s why people find it easier to just use the standard, whether it is better or not.

    Microsoft is a commercial company, which, unlike most Linux distributions, mean that they have a large amount of cash to spend advertising their products. This means that a lot more people have heard of Microsoft than Mac or Linux. Ask the random person on the street: have you heard of Windows? Yes, they say. Apple? Yes (Apple is also commercial). Linux? Your average Tom, Dick or Harry might say no.

    Microsoft, since they became the standard, abused their monopoly position. How? Take a look at Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. Try removing it from your computer … not so easy, eh?

  3. you have a point.but in terms of functionality and efficiency,does linux boast of a larger scale than that of microsoft and apple?plus,since microsoft has become the “standard” and has been monopolying the industry,wouldn’t it be much more difficult for linux users?as in would they find themselves(linux users) in an underprivileged position in terms of securing warranties etc?i mean,microsoft must be a much highly organised software,right?your points are very convincing but in my opinion,there must be one or two negative aspects of linux,are there not?

    -your average Tom,Dick or Harry-

  4. Linux does offer a lot more functionality, and is a lot more efficient than Windows and Apple. That’s why it’s used to power all the supercomputers in the world. One of the main “disadvantages” are user-friendliness and hardware support. People who in general don’t know what they’re doing would probably not find Linux as useful as experienced computer users would.

  5. wow.you really do know about linux.i think i must submit to your idea that linux IS really better than microsoft.on the other hand,thanks for your explanation.

  6. I been using linux distro for two years as a de-facto standard on my computers. I had less issues than with Windows 7.

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