Watch the Time

…or rather, only if you can understand that contraption on your wrist. Or on other parts of your body.

I’ve been having my holiday, hence the complete lack of discipline on adding posts here. However, being in Australia (after visiting Manchester, Paris and Amsterdam), I’m obliged to write something to keep you guys occupied whilst I enjoy not doing anything. Of course, when I’m back I will chain myself to creative slavery and produce such whoo-ed stuff you’d probably hit that refresh button the whole day.

Seems as though some Japanese company has been taking the initiative to show that not only is Japan the leading country in providing toilets that have more knobs that provide a list of features longer than my … well, a lot of features, Japans is also the leading country in providing Watches that look as though ThinkGeek should be shamed at their amateurish geekware.

Not only do these watches tell the time, some help train your math skills, your resilience to oscillating images, your ability to easily wrap a large cloth around the arm, and even your ability to read binary. Not saying that the watches are completely just for fun … I’d gladly wear (some of) these if I had them (for free).

Well, don’t just listen to me, it’s time (no pun intended) for you to watch (seriously) it yourself.

Which is your favourite watch?

Dion Moult

I've been developing software for well over 10 years, work as an architect (not the computer kind, the regular sort), and am classically trained as a pianist. I try to do the right thing when I get the chance in my field, such as through contributing to open-source communities and promoting sustainable living.

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