The ThoughtScore project is another gypsy on my to-do list along with the BMR. It seems as though the world of 3D graphics and I are drifting slowly apart. It’ll be such a pity to let it go, so I want to make a serious effort and continue the amazing progress I once had on ThoughtScore.

You can see the pitiful post I made after scrolling through history on this page:


Revive ThoughtScore! I need a plan, a design, something huge! Grab me some pencil and paper, and let’s bring my vision into a reality! I have a holiday coming up, and I hope I can approach this through another angle which should allow me to continue production.

The next post will be in a week’s time because I am going to be stuck in a jungle throughout next week. You will then receive posts in this order: 1) The Trek, 2) New Perspective Magazine Released, and 3) What is becoming of Eadrax.

Dion Moult

I've been developing software for well over 10 years, work as an architect (not the computer kind, the regular sort), and am classically trained as a pianist. I try to do the right thing when I get the chance in my field, such as through contributing to open-source communities and promoting sustainable living.

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  1. Wow, those 3 scenes look amazing, wish I could texture that well…

    So, the transport pod is launching, why is it launching, what is it launching from (the space station?).

    Is the space station the “junk” that is getting cleared out.

    How does the forest scene relate to the “space is getting the junk cleared out” theme of the film.

    What roal does the Taras character play in the grand scheme of the film?

    Personally I would say you need to open the project up a little more, it is inevitable that one person working on there own will hit a brick wall and run out of ideas.

  2. I think you are right, I do need to expose more on what I have planned on ThoughtScore. I will probably start doing it this holiday :)

    Thanks for the support!

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