TheBeaverExchange – dirt cheap textbook exchange for LSE students

During the past few months, I have been doing my fair share of web development work. Although I cannot share most of my projects, I did recently build a system for a friend at the London School of Economics to help students exchange textbooks and other scholastic items for dirt cheap (see: free). It’s wittingly called TheBeaverExchange – a due tribute to Canada’s noble national animal as well as – perhaps – the LSE’s animal mascot.

The Beaver Exchange

This post is the obligatory advertisement of “check it out folks!”. Oh, and if you want one for your university/school too, I’m sure they’re thinking about reselling the system (with branding, no doubt). So check out TheBeaverExchange – cheap LSE textbook listings.

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  1. It’s awesome! I ordered a few reference books from Sydney (they arrived today) and the freight cost is more than half the cost of the books itself.

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