The WIPUP 21.02.10 stats are out.

It’s midweek, 3 mock exams later, and it’s been quite some time since the WIPUP 21.02.10a was released. Yep, that means it’s time to look at the statistics. The reason this didn’t happen earlier is because the WIPUP dashboard stats only update themselves at the beginning of the week in order to save server power (it’s quite strenuous you know). As a result the last pull was on the 22nd, which meant that it was quite likely that a few visitors could’ve been pulled over into the next week of statistics.

Anyways, here’s the image speaks a 1000:

As you can see I’ve been rather actively dogfooding WIPUP, especially noticable in the latest upsurge in update activity due to the porting over of The ThoughtScore project. The obvious thing this proves is that update quantity doesn’t necessarily mean update interest. Looking at the number of views optimistically realistically this update, even though even more feature packed and with a more mature system did on par with the 14.01.10a update. Pessimistically we could assume a division of views over all our updates and no rollover spectators in the next week and report that the 21.02.10a update was a complete failure. On the other extreme we could assume the complete opposite and say we achieved a modest increase in interest.

The obvious conclusion is that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

User-wise things are still slow with little of the feedback system in use – I’ve still got those 2 stalkers, hit a new high of 2 comments in a week (by 1 user, though) and it looks as though a kudos system was a good idea.

However of course this doesn’t mean that the future is completely bleak, WIPUP still has far to go, we’ve recruited a new contributor (Kamal) and we see a few interesting uses of WIPUP by the user Sandking, who shows us some rendering tests, by C0mBineD, who is apparently working on a painting, and jonas, who’s got one of his digital orchestra test pieces up.

Seeing as that they’re rather dormant this is a sign that WIPUP still isn’t ready for the crowds, but we invite anybody else interested to give it a spin as a regular user to do so!

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