Ten Smiles, an Android app to remind you to smile

Dion Moult


Ten Smiles was a concept Android app that would run in the background of your Android phone, and pop up randomly 10 times a day to remind you to smile. I wrote it a few years ago as a little programming exercise. Along with the text reminder, it would additional show a happy face with a funny moustache, and a horrible pun to accompany it with, all randomly chosen from a small repository of puns and faces which gets old real quick. Let's see an example reminder!

An example smile reminder from the Ten Smiles app

Ten Smiles is pretty much plug and play. You just install the application from this Ten Smiles Android installation APK, and then toggle the "Enable Ten Smiles" option in the app, and hit save. It will automatically choose 10 random times each day roughly during non-sleeping hours, and will pop up by itself.

A small number of settings visible in the Ten Smiles app

Unfortunately, I no longer have the source code for this project as it was merely an afternoon plaything a few years ago. However, I am not one for inserting tracking codes or malware into my software as others may do - this is evidenced by the static HTML nature of my blog.


If you have any comments, please send them to dion@thinkmoult.com.