Blender 3D printed Suzanne model

Hot smokes, it’s been two months. Hopefully a monkey head will fix it!

Blender suzanne 3d printer

It’s Suzanne, Blender‘s mascot monkey 3D printed with a Makerbot. It’s about 45x40x50mm from a 3mm black plastic spool, and sits on your desk on on your keyboard staring at you with its docile eyes.

It’s a little lumpy, mainly due to the capabilities of the printer, but a little bit more planning could’ve improved it a little – as seen below:

blender suzanne 3d print

You can see where the scaffolding was attached as well as where plastic dripped down, causing some unevenness in the layering.

For the technically-inclined, the model was exported to obj, then re-exported to stl in Rhino (because Blender’s stl is broken), and then the rest is standard as documented here.


Blender Suzanne Awards announced.

When I’m too busy to come up with stuff to show you, I find other interesting news and simply share.

Turns out that the Blender folks have got some nominations for the Suzanne Awards, it’s time to check out what’s great in store for us.

Check it out.

For the sake of a longer post, let’s see what’s going on with my life:

  • I’m about to start working on the next issue of “Perspective“.
  • I’m going to be performing “The Spice of Life” (a modified version) for the awards evening.
  • I’ve officially achieved my Silver Award for the International Award. So I’m working on gold and will be going on another expedition soon.
  • I’m still procrastinating to show you that video I made, my review on a Blender book, the student results of a Blender course I taught, and a couple age-old ISSDC proposals.
  • I might join with the ISSDC again.