Cinematic Perception film entry

Hey folks, I haven’t posted anything since the SLUG meeting for (what should be) obvious reasons. University has started and it takes a little time for me to adjust back into a schedule after almost a year without one. I’m still working out the kinks to juggle university, freelancing, family time, thoughtscore, wipup, sports, music, time well wasted (reading, tv, internet), household work and socialising. It’s a little tricky but I should have it sorted out soon (there’s no such thing asĀ not enough time). Not enough motivation, maybe, but never not enough time.

I am still doing things, which can be seen trickling slowly into WIPUP, but one of the more interesting ones that warrants a blog post was a short film-making competition I took part in a week ago. First off, I know nothing about filmmaking. 3D animation a little perhaps, but not filmmaking. So I initially went it just to have some fun. However walking away with first prize was definitely not what I had expected. Here was the entry after several hours of filming and splicing the video clips together.


P.S. Yes, of course, Blender was used as the VSE.