Life & much, much more

Another year awaits.

Well, it’s been another month since my last post but my online slumbering isn’t the result of laziness, but rather the shifting of focus towards more of real life and less of the fantastical world wide web.

Since then, I had returned to Shanghai to continue studying Mandarin. Upon my return, my ever-faithful Acer Aspire 4530 had decided it was time to corrupt its hard drive and stop displaying things on the monitor. I am now the happy owner of a Thinkpad T420i, whose notable features include choosing discrete/integrated graphics at the BIOS level, which subverts any possible Linux NVidia Optimus problems, things just working, thanks to the series being a developer favourite, and a very rough-textured nipple and touchpad, which are like heaven to my sensitive hands which suffer from hyperhidrosis. Even when my hands do act up, the keyboard has a drainage system.

Software-wise it runs Gentoo Linux with KDE. Files were easily transferred without any problems from my backup server at – whom I’d recommend to anyone in an instant.

I have included a picture of it below (or rather, a stock photo of it). Aesthetically it looks not much more than a black box, but given its reputation as something which just doesn’t give up on you, it’s an appropriate design.

This caused quite a bit of a setback in my office work as well as personal projects, of which the latter got severely cut back upon. Not helping was the fact that in a couple weeks time I moved back to Sydney, Australia to prepare for my second year of university. Also not helping is that I am moving around quite a bit during my first couple of weeks in Sydney.

In terms of personal projects, I finalised and synchronised the latest live.WIPUP design with the stable version. Those who were checking WIPUP would’ve seen the first animation sequence of ThoughtScore finished and posted online on the 24th of Janurary.


Hello, Shanghai! Happy holidays, everyone!

As you might’ve guessed from the title of this post, I am now in Shanghai and I have been for almost a month now. Apart from socialising with relatives, most of my time is spent on my job, with the free time I have soaked up by learning how to speak Mandarin. This has effectively stalled most if not all of my public projects – however once in a while it is good to just intensively learn and experience rather than the create-create-create I am normally used to. It’s also been good to have time to fix up and investigate a lot of nagging issues I’ve procrastinated in the past, such as creating a more robust backup solution, setting up better permissions on my webserver for alpha projects and hosted projects, and figuring out exactly how close my computer is to death.

Shanghai is cold. But Shanghai also has a lot of delicious food. The latter excuses the former. When I’m not resisting the cold and tanking up my stomach, I have experienced the usual touristy sights such as The Bund, public parks, ancient Chinese garden- oh, what’s that? No mention of the Great Wall or Tian’anmen Square? Yes, because that’s in Beijing, not Shanghai – which I will drop by and enjoy in the near future.

There was also a brief meet-up with Patrick Lauer (bonsaikitten) which was interesting given my previous geographic inconveniences meaning I could rarely meet up with anybody. If anybody else is in the area or knows of any FOSS events, give me a shout.

Every day is a linguistic challenge as I plough through new words to learn, but probably the best thing about being in Shanghai is that being back in an asian country means I play Badminton twice a week again.

Will be posting more updates to WIPUP in the near future.