Cause of the open-source lag.

Quite accidentally, I’ve probably discovered the very thing the turns people away from open source (or, the free movement). That very thing is actually caused by the oh-so-famous Richard Stallman, who decided to take the liberty to sing the “free software song”.

Listen to it.

If you didn’t feel like repenting for your sins or strangling yourself, or if your eyes brighten (reason left for interpretation) when you see the photo to the right …

… well, I am concerned about the state of the world as we know it.

Seriously, if you want to advertise something, don’t record something that makes William Hung look good, especially if you’re seen as a pioneer in that subject. I’ll even go so far to compare it to Microsoft’s recent ads featuring Bill Gates waggling various parts of his anatomy (including, but not limited to, his backside). Thank goodness that song was shoved to a corner on the gnu website.

Note: I understand the differences between open-source and free software, as well as Gnu, Unix and Linux. Nothing here is intended as a personal insult (sorry, but to be blunt perhaps yeah, I really felt like choking when I listened to that), and anything taken personally is regretted.

Oh, and for those who read my article on the practicality of the open source theory, apparently the newly predicted year of Linux domination is 2018 – that’s about 7% market share per year.