Free, legal music for all.

Recently searching for some new music to liven up my aging playlist I stumbled upon a web radio called Libre.FM.

No. I lied. I stumbled upon it a good several months ago. However it has recaptured my attention. Libre.FM is, like the name suggests, similar to Last.FM. Libre.FM, like the name also suggests, has something to do with freedom (libre means `free` in French).

Libre.FM is a tag-based online radio with support for scrobbling. For those sticking with the to-be-deprecated traditional radio, this means that the music being played corresponds to keywords similar to the workings of a search engine, and data about song preferences and listening statistics are synchronised with the music provider, supposedly to provide a better service. The result is that you get an ad-free, customisable playlist where you can constantly discover new songs. Oh, and all for free.

This isn’t a new thing. As mentioned this is not unlike Last.FM, which works on the same principles except for the nature of the music. The difference is that Libre.FM’s music is all free, indie music. Each song is under a free license, and you are free to download and share everything legally. Their privacy policy ensures your anonymity and freedom online, and supports those artists who would otherwise be facing obscurity.

You won’t find your celebrities here nor your greatest hits album – but you will be exposed to a lot more music that represents the freedom, creativity and simple efforts of many people. True, some of those songs sound like absolute bollocks and probably deserve their obscurity but that’s to be expected. From a critical website UI point of view it’s pretty terrible as well compared to its proprietary alternatives. Despite these major flaws it’s definitely something to keep a lookout for in the future.

So – go and discover something new today: listen to Libre.FM.