GitList – a great way to browse Git repos on your personal server.

Git is a very popular version control system or source control management application. It’s incredibly easy to use, really lightweight, and has a hassle-free workflow. Even when I’m working on projects without other contributors, I often still commit the code to a git repository just for its benefits.

If you want to run a git server somewhere, you have a few choices, such as the social GitHub, Gitorious, or doing a custom install on your own server with something like Gitolite + Gitweb. When it comes to non open-source applications, your choices become slightly more limited. Do you fork out (no pun intended) the cash for Github’s high-quality visualisation but pricey hosting schemes, battle with dependency hell on Gitorious’ massive requirements list, or play sysadmin as you cook up a home-brew repo with access rules and security considerations?

Admittedly the access rule bit is getting better with projects like Gitolite, but one thing that has always annoyed me was how aesthetically ugly and awkward it was to browse the repos and in general move around the code. Luckily I’ve now discovered GitList.

GitList is as of writing still a very immature project (seems to have started a mere 2 months ago) and I have no idea how it fares against massively complex repositories, but it’s set up in under a minute, and takes a few hints from some of GitHub’s better UI decisions.

Give it a spin!


WIPUP 27.06.10a released!

It’s super, it’s amazing, and it’s released. It’s WIPUP 27.06.10a. For the uninitiated, WIPUP is a flexible and easy way for people to share, critique, and track works-in-progresses.

To quote some random person, this release truly brings out the “hey, it’s like a working site now“. This release sports super fancy upgrades courtesy of my schedule, which is now free from exams and school. Check out the WIPUP website now, and read the release notes.

Of course it’s also open-source, so not only do we welcome new users, but developers too! This is hopefully the last “alpha” release, so feel free to join.