Whatever happened to failnation?

A cute story which happened a short while back truly begins a couple years ago when I bought the domain failnation.com. The objective was to use it to host mini-tutorials on correct grammar and netiquette in IRC chatrooms. Whenever somebody was unfamiliar with the social protocol (no pun intended- well no, I kid- pun definitely intended), I could then just immediately link them to failnation.com, where they’d receive a brief introduction on how to act properly.

For those interested, two of the documents (slightly edited, but essentially mirrors from other online sources) which Failnation hosted are here – for IRC etiquette, and here – for Universal Greeting Time usage.

Some time after being used for that rather ridiculous joke of a reason, I got myself a VPS and set about learning the ins and outs of DNS servers. Having my other domains busy hosting serious business, Failnation was the guinea pig for all my bind experiments. After about a month of instability – it turned into my private Git repository, on the public side hosting another instance of WIPUP. After this matured, the instance was migrated to the Australian server hosting WIPUP and turned into the live.WIPUP that still runs today. Failnation was then not used for anything.

Which brings us to now – or more accurately, a while back. I was contacted by the Cheezburger Network Inc. – the guys who practically brought the instance of lolcats and cats with silly captions to their current online fame on the internet. They own ICanHasCheezburger.com, FailBlog, and a ton of other whimsically-captioned niche humour groups. For example, Yar.is, which attempt to pull humour out of Yaris cars. Who would appreciate it? Who knows. I didn’t think anybody would appreciate a half-toast-half-cat shooting out rainbow streams, but apparently the insane population of the internet do.

The domain failnation.com is now in their paws, where it’ll probably live a better life than it has under me. So long, then, and I’ll be keeping watch.

As it turns out, Cheezburger Network released a book a while ago also by the same moniker of Failnation.  Whether this has anything to do with it I’m still unsure, but I can assure you the name was purely coincidental.


Out of ideas.

I’ve started typing this post without knowing exactly what it’s going to be about. Let’s just make a rapid fire of what’s going on. Oh yes, with plenty of pictures too.

KDE 4.2’s getting down on it.


Firstly. KDE 4.2 has been released. It’s what the buzz has been about in the Linux community these days. When will it be out? Will my distro release it on time? Well, happy to say that the #gentoo-kde channel went crazy about it and had the tarballs to begin working on about 2.5 hours before official release time. I’m running KDE snapshots so I personally won’t notice much of a difference except for some really awaited for bugfixes (such as the to-desktop glitch and the kmail+gmail segfaults).

In other news, if you want to tell your friends they have failed, you can now use FAILnation.com. If you need a free temporary file host online you can use upload.FAILnation.com, and if you need to paste text, you can use paste.FAILnation.com. Those who check my Twitter would already know about this though ;)

OK, I’ve given up on this post. I was going to share a bit more but that would mean not getting other stuff done.


Perhaps next time?