FrogCMS: a simple, clean CMS.

The other day I was looking for a CMS to run E2-Productions on. People who exclaim “what? You’re not going to engineer your own solution?” clearly have their priorities in the wrong places. If there’s one thing I learned in programming, it’s never, ever to reinvent the wheel. (unless you don’t know how wheels work yet)

I wanted to make E2 easy to maintain, easy to update, and most of all easy to switch between different ideas of what the site should contain. A CMS was a clear solution to this problem. E2 is the site I plan to use to showcase my portfolio in greater detail. Wipup is free to host my works-in-progresses, and thinkMoult is and always should be just a blog.

Being such a simple site with mainly static pages (perhaps a contact form) it was clear that the big poisons like Joomla, Mambo, Drupal etc were clearly out of the picture. WordPress is a CMS but a pain when you look at the source, and is mainly targeted at blogs. Some poking around led me to discover FrogCMS.

I downloaded the tarball, and had it up and running on my localhost within seconds. A quick tour around the administrator backend was enough to tell me this had all my needs covered. It supported markdown, templating, page hierarchies, and I think I glimpsed at some out-of-the-box SEO. Browsing their website also unearthed some useful plugins, although I think I will code for my needs manually.

The next step is to come up with a design. However, that’s not stopping me from using WIPUP to start tracking the upcoming upgrades on E2-Productions!


E2-Productions Services page updated

Just a small update for today. The services page on E2-Productions.com has been updated. I’m up again for hire on some small jobs.

Some posts I have planned up that you can look forward to:

  • I made an animated presentation with some horrendous deadlines.
  • The “Perspective” magazine which I designed and compiled has been published, and it looks spankingly awesome.
  • As soon as Amarok 2 gets into the official tree in portage, I’m going to review it.
  • How to use your computer: part 2.
  • Going to review a wonderful collection of applications I’ve determined are vital for any (Linux) system.
  • I’m going to review a book on Blender.
  • More very secret stuff I have planned. (yes, that counts as another bullet point)

A Smart Registration

E2-Productions has had the registration system down for a while to stop people registering whilst the portfolio system testing was going on. The portfolio system is about 99% finished so the registration system is up again. The project system will be undergoing testing at the end of this week (Saturday) so stay tuned for an update on that. Hopefully by next week the site can be released.

Meanwhile, E2 has upgraded its registration page in the process. No longer does it ask you for only your desired username, password and your email, it now guides you through an IQ test to make sure we don’t get stuck with a low-quality community. Also, it’s to keep our “personal” side whilst keeping the site professional.

To register, once on E2-Productions.com just click on My Account and click the Register link. You will see the test includes a grammar checker, so we don get pos leik funny u no. We also check your mathematical skills and your ability to follow instructions, as well as a simple test of common sense.

The original test was devised by The Kingdom Of Loathing, and found on their Altar of Literacy once joining. So credits go to them for their Literacy test and Common Sense test. Should you have any trouble, please post your comments here.

Upcoming schedule is as such: This Saturday – project system for testing. This Monday – BMR updated and maintained. This Wednesday – POSE2 latest version released.



Well, 8 more exams. Two more weeks. Then bam on the 16th of June comes Mr. Update and his big bagWorking on stuff! of goodies! I cannot wait! I just started gathering items for my portfolio, and right now I have 10 webdesigns, and 2 artwork. This is not including the 100+ archived pictures I have for the progress of ThoughtScore, my NGT archives, my animations, traditional art, photos….and the list goes on! At this rate we’ll have a new update for every day of the year!

And Yes, I am actually working on stuff! Here’s a small screenie of my Vim window that I leave on Desktop 3.


I promised you an update:

So, firstly, you can now visit http://e2-productions.com/ and see the awesome new work-in-progress. So far all that is up is a very simple website layout, a home page with some brief information, and a resources page. Upcoming soon in the world of Moult will be some awesome updates to Cobramilk.com, including a special edit in their voting system, a members module to allow you to register an e2-productions.com account, and a whole stack of documentation. I’m going to be going to Penang from tomorrow until Thursday, so I’ll be out of action. However, I’m showing you some pictures to keep you happy knowing that I’m actually doing stuff.Doesn’t he look cool, just like a grumpy, cranky, eccentric weird guy? (unfinished)
…and we’ve also got a little get-together with the Earth and my Space station:
Sorry for the small size, they’re only meant to be previews. When I feel like it I’ll post a much bigger update in the official ThoughtScore work-in-progress thread on BA.

Looking forward to your comments! Always remember you can catch me on the IRC server irc.freenode.net on the #e2-productions channel!



I’ve been getting all my exam results back – and they seem to be pretty decent :)

Anyways, I’ve spent the last few days mainly configuring my computer, including switching over to Fluxbox as a window manager instead of Xfce, and configuring Fluxbox to all my needs, menus, shortcuts, desktops, toolbar, slit, etc. Of course, I also spent some time configuring my previous applications and adding some new ones.

I spent a full-day session with a buddy on Saturday discussing some cool “behind-the-scenes” work for the most secretive E2 project ever started (recently). So now I’m going to spoil all the fun. I’m working through some pretty darn ambitious personal projects right now, and they’re progressing pretty well…but what about in a team project? A friend and I got together and decided to do something about simulations, AI, that sort of thing. We got some motivation off ventrella.com (they’ve got some pretty cool stuff there) and went on towards designing our own project. At the moment all we’ve got is a huge amount of “oh, whoops, I just remembered that what we’re trying to do is classified as AI-COMPLETE, so…I guess we’ll just continue”. Won’t spoil it too much now, but I’ll give you some serious updates on the site soon.

The E2 website should be up within the next week. Together with that will be a POSE2 version, some POSE2 modules for download, some new 3D models, and a ThoughtScore update. I’m sorry if it seems as though I’m just saying “oh, we’re going to give all this stuff, but not yet”, but I really am going to give it really soon. I’ll update you when I do :)


…back with a tux.

The thinkMoult blog is back! (with a purpose). Before anything, you might have noticed that e2-productions.com is down. That’s because I’m fully rewriting the whole site.

If you like PHP, simple webdesign, graphics, or are just interested in making a site, this is something you’d better look out for. E2-Productions is going to be built from scratch, featuring mainly a development system, user system, portfolio generator, resources etc…and will all be built using my lovely PHP framework, called POSE2. POSE2 is a very simple framework, and basically routes all the information in an intelligent way, allowing you to arrange your files also in an intelligent way. This way, you don’t get lost in all the clutter of a huge website. Not only that, everything is neatly ordered in Modules, which means you can cut out a certain section of your site, and give it to a friend, which will be completely compatible with their site. wow.

This blog will be updated ASAP, and even more on wednesday after my exams are finished. Coming soon will be the download of the POSE2 PHP Framework, and the release of the website’s current stage. (if you’re lucky, you can go to e2-productions.com right now and see if you can access my localhost – which will be available until i reset my modem or my computer.

Now, about my computer, I’m now no longer on my dying 10 year old ancient desktop which requires prayers to boot up. I’m now on a sexy, (only 3 years old) laptop with 240MB ram (might upgrade it later) running on Gentoo, linux. I’ve learnt so much about linux so far (something to blog about in the future), and now it has Firefox, aMSN, The GIMP, Blender, Audacity, Apache, OpenOffice, BitchX IRC, CLI ftp, Vim…etc. All the power tools needed for graphics, sound, servers, programming, chat, and work. What else do I need? Oh, yes, I added two games in case I get bored. (available on portage), such as “Chickens”, which involves blowing up chickens utilizing rocket launchers, shotguns, quick wit, intelligence, strategy, positioning…oh no, wait…yeah, you just blow up chickens mindlessly. Another, is XPilot (and XPilot-NG), so far, it’s been a pretty addictive game, especially because I lag all the european servers. You should try it out.

So, until Wednesday, then. Then you’ll have some pretty stuffez.