The zen of PIM

korgacPIM is the acronym for Personal Information Management: todo lists, email, rss, calendar, contacts, journals, blogs, etc. Recently I have been poking around trying to achieve the “zen” of PIM, where my PIM data is accessible from anywhere, and from any medium – from the internet, from my Windows Mobile 6 powered phone, and from my desktop.

As a KDE-user, naturally I have attempted to use the Kontact PIM suite. KMail and Akregator both work wonders with my data and are no problem, but working with contacts, calendar and to-do lists are a real PITA. The interface for managing the actual PIM storage (which I’m more interested in than the PIM data itself) is completely unintuitive, making me choose from several backend types with no description whatsoever, to work-in-progress Akonadi migration of which the status is quite unknown to me, to random remote/local synchronisation of untitled .ics files. The journal section seems to serve no purpose whatsoever.

Are there any kind souls who have reached their own personal “zen” of PIM management who care to share their setup with me? The criteria is:

  1. Hopefully able to use with Kontact
  2. Hopefully able to use/synchronise one way or another with my Windows Mobile 6 phone
  3. Not using Google services, but a way to store a compatible-with-other-apps file on my personal server would be a definite plus!

Note that I do not necessarily need a feature packed application. For example for a calendar all I want is the ability to say “this happens on this date”, with an option for start/end time. The repeating event feature is also optional but appreciated.