WIPUP 25.07.10 beta released.

What began as a project motivated by the Open Collaboration Services API has really come a long way since it began as a concept submission to KDE’s openDesktop competition. This project was a unique concept for people to share and record what they were working on. Not about showcasing your latest creation – no, rather it is about showcasing the processes behind it: the different ideas, the development, and things that didn’t quite work out in the end. This project is for people who make stuff. People who constantly have ideas bouncing around, juggle their time between various projects and start more than they finish. This project is called WIPUP. WIPUP is a way to conveniently share, critique and track progress on your projects.

WIPUP attained an important milestone today – its beta release. It’s now available for the public to use. WIPUP is a "web 2.0" technology application, to use the cliche term. However more importantly it’s the infrastructure behind and towards a unique Social Desktop tool. For those unfamiliar with what the Social Desktop embodies, allow me to quote:

[The] core idea of the Social Desktop is to connect to your peers in the community, making sharing and exchanging knowledge easier to integrate into applications and the desktop itself. The concept behind the Social Desktop is to bring the power of online communities and group collaboration to desktop applications and the desktop shell itself.

WIPUP is (in terms of this final goal) still in its infancy – there is no desktop client (yet), my plans for KDE integration are still on the drawing board, and no currently existing API implementation. But more important is what does exist, which is the tool – the platform behind all of these future possible interfaces which provides added convenience and flexibility towards any workflow. As such, I’m immensely happy to share this beta with all of you and invite you all to check it out and start using it. WIPUP is also open source and free software – so any interested developers (or anybody wanting to contribute) are welcome to join as well!


Holiday plans.

This coming Sunday (25th) the first WIPUP beta version will get released. I’ve been working hard to ensure that this first beta truly will be feature-complete and bug-free. I was quite delighted this morning when I found a few Brazillian game developers had tried out WIPUP (and a few of its live-only features succesfully) for an RPG they were making – it was all in Portuguese, but it was a great feeling nonetheless. I hope more people can find use for WIPUP and enjoy using it just as much as I have.

One of the reasons I developed WIPUP was to be used as a long-term infrastructure for myself – a way to log and see my progress through time. A phrase I like to use here is insight through hindsight. This of course means that since this is the first so-called stable release of WIPUP, I’m going to take a break from developing it (desktop clients, APIs and the such will have to wait) and resume my personal, more creative projects.

I’ve spent the past week porting over the remains of The ThoughtScore Project’s original thread on BlenderArtists to the WIPUP Project. I shall spend my time over the next week to pick up all those Blender save files that have spread across my hard disk and get ready to resume work on ThoughtScore.

I’m also starting a new composition. After every composing session I shall snapshot the score and perhaps a short clip of me playing what I’ve got so far. You can check out the WIPUP project for it.

Also if you need a webdev job, you can ask the folks at the company I’m now working for, OmniStudios.