Still alive

Today I was reminded about the lack of activity on my blog and on WIPUP, so tonight amidst my other projects I have sat down and I’m here writing.

The last post was back near the end of my first semester, first year in architecture at the University of Sydney. Since then I’ve spent a lovely winter break with relatives, attended the newly formed Sydney’s Blender User Group’s two meetings, had a short trip to Adelaide to experience FLUX: Student Architecture Congress (which was great, thankyouverymuch), performed as musical director (and terrible actor) for the Architecture Revue, released as well as started several large-scale projects from my webdevelopment work (of which I am not linking due to NDAs), worked on some music compositions, attended some of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, am now also available on G+, started up a band, teaching some music, read at least 10 books, learning some violin, migrated away from a KDE infrastructure (I still do forum moderation, though), ploughed through most of my second semester (almost done, eh?), turned 19, and I’m now back alive in the online world.

That was a pretty good in-a-nutshell of the past 4 months, 16 weeks, or third of a year. I’m personally not too happy with the create:consume ratio I’ve had, but I guess it was a necessary dip in the cycle to get back into a worthy production mode. To make a first step I’ve uploaded a short (terrible) experimental soundscape I did with some friends a couple weeks back.

More to come.