Blender 2.46 Released!

It’s out of the trunk, Blender has locked down the SVN, and we’re greeted with a stunning new version from the guys who brought you the most awesome 3D application in the world.


So, what are you waiting for? Get it now and check out the new features.

The two most stunning features I’ll be looking out for in The ThoughtScore project will be the new AAO (Ambient Approximate Occlusion) which will speed up render times when doing horrendously-difficult-to-be-lit scenes such as forests…and remove the trademark grainy-ness of normal AO. Another feature will be the strand shader and rewrite of the particles system. This allows me to do stunning grassworks without killing my computer…what could be better than that?

5 minutes into the program I made this just to test out the newGrass features…check it out: 10 second render time, 20000 particles, along with other effects. Click it to enlarge it. As with other news, I now have done 10 exam papers and I still have another 15 or so to do. I shall give you some previews of what’s new with my portfolio and little graphics work the next post. Also, completely unrelated to previous news, is that the 16th of June is coming up, so buckle your seat belts, and await the notifications.

For all those badgering around on the IRC channel just leave your messages and an email and I’ll get back to you if I’m not online.


I promised you an update:

So, firstly, you can now visit http://e2-productions.com/ and see the awesome new work-in-progress. So far all that is up is a very simple website layout, a home page with some brief information, and a resources page. Upcoming soon in the world of Moult will be some awesome updates to Cobramilk.com, including a special edit in their voting system, a members module to allow you to register an e2-productions.com account, and a whole stack of documentation. I’m going to be going to Penang from tomorrow until Thursday, so I’ll be out of action. However, I’m showing you some pictures to keep you happy knowing that I’m actually doing stuff.Doesn’t he look cool, just like a grumpy, cranky, eccentric weird guy? (unfinished)
…and we’ve also got a little get-together with the Earth and my Space station:
Sorry for the small size, they’re only meant to be previews. When I feel like it I’ll post a much bigger update in the official ThoughtScore work-in-progress thread on BA.

Looking forward to your comments! Always remember you can catch me on the IRC server irc.freenode.net on the #e2-productions channel!


Blender Extraordinaire.

Following a link found on the popular Blender newscast site BlenderNation.com, I came to a site which compared Blender3D – a FREE 3D program – to paid programs such as Maya, Lightwave, Autodesk, etc. The result? Sure, we have our ups and downs, but other than that, Blender is right up there with the big boys.

Given this information, I don’t see why Blender just doesn’t hop right up and declare immense popularity. I guess people don’t take Blender seriously enough compared to something they feel they “paid” for. Or maybe they look at its stunning 12MB filesize. Or maybe they’re just scared by its cluttered interface. (Yeah, but you get used to it)

What’s the purpose of this post? Nothing actually. This is another of the 99% of useless blog posts. However, just think about Blender for a while. If you’re thinking about starting 3D art/animation, why not use Blender?

Decide for yourself: http://www.tdt3d.com/articles_viewer.php?art_id=99