WIPUP 19.03.10a – under or overcooked?

It’s WIPUP statistics time, folks. I’d like to apologise for the lack of "proper" posts as I’ve been busy making a portfolio for a university application and bachoté in some new ThoughtScore stuff. Yes, that’s right. So a sad excuse is to look at statistics. (Those viewing my profile would probably know this already though)

As you can see only 3 or so days after the release we’ve hit the same level of views as previous updates. At the same time we see we’ve resumed our correlation between updates and views. I think the image really speaks for itself.

It’s however a bit more interesting to note that we’ve had 4 new updates added by new users (one apparently being a 77 year old lady from Alaska). I’ve also posted a thread on the BlenderArtists "news" forum category, and although we’ve only had 3 people view the thread (yeah, not that active apparently) we’ve gathered 3 very positive comments and had 3 registrations. Sounds good to me. Very good sign.

When dogfooding lately for current WIPs which weren’t built to be documented and not entirely of personal artistic nature I’ve noticed a natural rejection to putting work online. Something along the lines of "it’s not ready! It’s ugly as bollocks!" However I’ve resisted deleting anything and I don’t regret doing so. However I’m concerned that others (after overcoming the initial excitement) will experience the same. I guess it’s time to orchestrate a few social experiments, which if they prove anything interesting I’ll post about later.

All-nighter coming up.


WIPUP 19.03.10a released!

WIPUP is a flexible and easy way for people to share, critique, and track works-in-progresses.

Every month, the WIPUP website gets synchronised with the Git repository hosting the code. It wasn’t long ago at all since the February sync was performed (21.02.10) and since I’ve been having mock exams that generally means I have a lot of free time (well, a couple all-days after the mocks) which I’ve been a busy little bee whacking down features. So while I was initially fearing a "maintenance sync" I’m happy to announce a feature-packed release.

Release notes are in their full glory in the WIPUP Release, and comments should be left there, not here.

This is a massive update, and I highly recommend people to start checking out the rest of the site and try it out themselves.

Well, time for a break from updates then!