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Today I was reminded about the lack of activity on my blog and on WIPUP, so tonight amidst my other projects I have sat down and I’m here writing.

The last post was back near the end of my first semester, first year in architecture at the University of Sydney. Since then I’ve spent a lovely winter break with relatives, attended the newly formed Sydney’s Blender User Group’s two meetings, had a short trip to Adelaide to experience FLUX: Student Architecture Congress (which was great, thankyouverymuch), performed as musical director (and terrible actor) for the Architecture Revue, released as well as started several large-scale projects from my webdevelopment work (of which I am not linking due to NDAs), worked on some music compositions, attended some of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, am now also available on G+, started up a band, teaching some music, read at least 10 books, learning some violin, migrated away from a KDE infrastructure (I still do forum moderation, though), ploughed through most of my second semester (almost done, eh?), turned 19, and I’m now back alive in the online world.

That was a pretty good in-a-nutshell of the past 4 months, 16 weeks, or third of a year. I’m personally not too happy with the create:consume ratio I’ve had, but I guess it was a necessary dip in the cycle to get back into a worthy production mode. To make a first step I’ve uploaded a short (terrible) experimental soundscape I did with some friends a couple weeks back.

More to come.

Dion Moult

I've been developing software for well over 10 years, work as an architect (not the computer kind, the regular sort), and am classically trained as a pianist. I try to do the right thing when I get the chance in my field, such as through contributing to open-source communities and promoting sustainable living.

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  1. Hey, Dion. Sorry for the offtopic post, but how can I upload videos to WIPUP? I tried, but it failed. Is there any filesize limit? Or format that can be uploaded?

    Or any way to link youtube videos to the WIPUP update?

  2. There is no current way to embed a youtube video to an update but you can link to it using bbcode in the update details.

    You should be able to upload videos of almost any common format up to 50mb with your account and it will be automatically embedded and converted to flv. If this doesn’t work either my ffmpeg installation is messed or you’ve encountered a bug.

  3. Thanks. It was a normal MPEG-4 (XVid) in a AVI container without audio. Screen capture used xvidcap. I was sure it would work.

    I guess I will try again.

  4. Sorry, Dion. Tried again and it fails. File size is only 1.1 MB. File has an .mpeg extension. Should I rename it .avi or .mpg and try again?

  5. Your error messages are really a bit rude, you know. I tried to delete one of my updates and it told me to go away.

    Not complaining or anything, but if I’m not allowed to delete an update, the link shouldn’t be there in the first place.

  6. Oh dear, it says go away?


    Ah, the string “Begone! Arrr! Yep, thar be no more longer walkin\’ here Earth.” is talking to the update, not to you :) Better change that still, you’re right.

    Yes, try and rename it to a 3-character extension. See if that works – if not, email me the file and I’ll try see if I can debug it.

    You can delete updates – there shouldn’t be any problem with that.

  7. Hey Dion. I mentioned in a mail that .ogv extension video (OGG video) does not work in WIPUP. Not sure if you got the mail at your thinkmoult.com account.

  8. Thanks for the testing and suggestions: live.WIPUP should now been updated with support for both .mpeg and .ogv formats. This has not yet been synced with the standard wipup.org version, but you can use it still by going to http://live.wipup.org/

    and yes, I did get your email, I just got back home.

  9. Also, hari, as you understand WIPUP is open-source, so I do want to keep the way people manage their data very open as well. WIPUP does not yet have a proper “export data” feature and I’m sure it would be useful for people wanting to keep a local archive of their projects with a convenient directory structure and so on. Let me know if there is anything that tickles your fancy and I’ll definitely set about getting it developed!

  10. Yes, Dion. I would suggest actually a desktop application which would handle the data similar to what Google Picasa does.

    Also syncing need not be compulsory. It could be used stand-alone as well…

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