Review of Doteasy hosting – do NOT use.

DotEasy engages in illegal business practices and is known for its scams. Please see Kevin’s comment for more information from a former employee. The original review before I discovered these scams is still quoted below. I have accordingly removed all links to them to prevent contributing to their SEO.

Some time ago I received an email asking for a sponsored post about a website called Doteasy.com which offers domains, webhosting and the usual hubbub with a shared server account. There were some delays but I’ve finally come ’round to writing what I hope will be an honest and relative review about this service.

To start with, I peeked at their plans page and scanned through. The plans page is an easy to follow comparison chart that divides features into clear-cut categories. A first read through only serves to confuse as it seems as though paying an extra $5 means you don’t get as many features – but apparently the justification lies in the control panel choice “Ensim” instead of the almost standard “CPanel” which comes with most providers.

A slightly closer inspection shows that you have to pay at least $8 bucks in order to get anything worth your time. The free package doesn’t even come with PHP support (and from that, no MySQL databases!), no ASP, if you’re into that sort of masochism, CGI/Perl nonexistent, and a measly 100MB space, which is quite depressing indeed. Together with the lack of support for SSL, key management and a unique IP really just makes you think it can’t get any worse.

It does however come with a generous 10 add-on domains and 10 parked domains, a rare sight among providers. Even rarer and quite a gem in their service is the provision of custom DNSes even with their free account. Interestingly although not allowing any sort of server-side scripting whatsoever they do allow .htaccess rules. Not quite sure how useful that’ll be with only html files in your account, but who knows.

The paid services don’t fare that much better. If you’re going to pay $7 a month, you might as well jack that up to $10, because you’ll miss out on a lot of the vitals. With $10 you get yourself a decent account by today’s standards but might still be annoyed by the lack of SSH. With a name like unlimited hosting it’s hard to not provide this. The IIS packages are much saner, giving you bearable functionality by the $15 price-level.

The next step was to get a free hosting account and revie- nope. I tried to grab myself a “free” account. Doteasy is one of those companies which try their best to throw hidden charges in your face. The $0 of the price has a lovely asterisk superscripted next to it. Yep, they don’t give any sort of subdomain or subdirectory URL but instead want you to to transfer or buy a domain name with them for a hefty price exceeding $20. Although this waives the technical knowledge required on DNS management for those who know what they’re doing it’s quite unacceptable. The registration process would put GoDaddy’s to shame – a 5 step process that in-between tries to sell “Spam & Virus Protection”, “MailPro Email Service”, and uh, what, um, yep – a “Photo Gallery”?

Doteasy is a hosting provider that aims to provide services with the account instead of giving a flexible environment for the more technically literate. (Note: these are available with a “free” account, which is a great thing) For example they provide a set of in-house scripts for the blogs, forums, e-commerce systems, mailing lists, etc that you might want installed. If these were good in-house scripts with excellent customer support I might be persuaded but a quick demo shows otherwise.

For those who didn’t see me saying that the scripts were in-house, I might want to emphasize that point. You won’t find your PHPBB, WordPress or OSCommerce here – no, you’ll get a couple half-baked scripts that were probably cooked up in somebody’s spare time. The only one probably worth mentioning is the “Site Creator”, which will initially give you an excellent website worthy of a Google Sites creation. The others are poorly designed (both aesthetically and technically) and should’ve been replaced by OSS-equilvalents long ago.

Given the rather expensive services and unmatching value for money I was determined to find out exactly what made them “The Leading Business Hosting Network” for over 160,000 domain owners – or so they claim. Apparently it lies in their groundbreaking customer service – I was wondering why they mentioned that several times in their comparison chart. The service is non-discriminatory and provided you don’t know jack, they provide quick and helpful responses.

Despite the lack of technical freedom we cannot say Doteasy is a bad webhost – it simply has a very clear-cut market segment. Hosting providers normally belong in one of three categories – the people who know absolutely nothing about it and don’t want to learn about it, such as Google Sites, the other extreme, of people who want to be able to do things with their account with freedom (which may be severely more costly).

However, Doteasy doesn’t seem to lie in either category. Doteasy is gives terrible customer support, terrible “features” (or lack of them), and engages in illegal business practices. Do NOT use DotEasy.

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  1. Great and balanced review.

    I currently host with a2hosting and I’ve been quite impressed with their service. It is a bit expensive but I’ve not had any problems or visible downtime

  2. Yes, p. It isn’t that great a bargain and most people would realise that after using it. Doteasy is for the ignorant. It wouldn’t be fair to scream out “it sucks!” as I didn’t actually get an account to try for myself.

  3. Doteasy engages in illegal billing and business practices. They will charge your cancelled account without consent. They do not follow Icann policies be warned. I worked there, and I was Disgusted at how I had to lie to customers and basically make excuses on why we cannot transfer their domain name.

    If a customer changes their contact information on the domain, they cannot transfer the domain away from Doteasy until after 60 days. So basically, you are Forced to renew with Doteasy. If you want to transfer your domain name before expiry, they will keep the ball rolling until it expires, and then tell you it has expired, so you cant transfer it and you are required to renew, which is a 60 day lock.

    If you attempt to dispute charges via your bank. They Will charge you a hosting chargeback fee.

    DO NOT HAVE ANY BUSINESS TO DO WITH DOTEASY. Oh and once your domain name is expired, if you are on their FREE plan after 40 days they will start to bill you $1.95 / month for webhosting without your permission.

    They will judge you based on your level of English, the country you are from, and many more factors and your gender. They will put notes all over your account not to do business with you if you ask too many questions or ask for help at all. They will note you as a troublemaker and basically hang up the phone on your or ignore your emails for help.

    There servers are not secure, like any “shared hosting” company, you cannot rely on them. You will get hacked into if one site gets compromised. Their managers and supervisors will laugh in your face and ignore your request to speak to them.

    They also do not care about BBB ratings or ICANN, they are not scared of them. They will find any way to screw you over for your money and take away your business.

    Dont even try to register a domain name that’s even close to popular, you register your name, and happen to be a celebrity or a major corporation they will take your domain for you and take ownership on it and make you pay quite a large sum of money to get it back, basically kidnapping your domain and your business until you pay the ransom.

    They also hide under different aliases of companies. Just do your research.

    Also, if you purchase a domain name on a promotion, you are not entitled to transfer domain services. You have to pay a substantial cost to get your domain name away from them.

    Trust it from an employee. Do NOT do business with them. Go to GoDaddy or HostGator who will treat you like royalty.

    Read their terms and conditions word by word before you sign any contracts with them.

  4. Thank you, Kevin, for exposing them. I have updated the blog post accordingly. They seem to have a very long list of children websites to catch the term “DotEasy review” on Google so I don’t know what little help my changes will make, but I’ll do my best.

  5. Thank you Moult and Kevin for a truthful review. I was planning to do business with them. But both of you, especially Kevin saved my skin.

  6. Doteasy is horrible! I purchased a 2-year domain registration because it came with free hosting. After a year, they were charging $24 for basic hosting which I thought was included since the price I paid to register my domain was considerably higher then your standard pricing.

    I decided to find a suitable alternative and allowed doteasy hosting to expire. After it expired, I planned on using the remaining time on my domain and getting hosting somewhere else. Not the case. Doteasy removed all of the previous options in my member account so that I didn’t have any access to my DNS to redirect the IP address. I contacted them for support. I got an email shortly after stating that I needed to pay $24 plus a $15 of late fee to receive support. I’m a paid customer with one more year remaining on my domain!!!

    In addition, they tried charging $24 to my company credit card when DOTEASY HAD NO AUTHORIZATION to do so. Fortunately the credit card was declined since it does not get funded unless there are scheduled expenses. Currently I’m unable to access my website or get any support from doteasy though I have fully paid for my domain. I’m losing money everyday my site is down, getting no support all of while doteasy uses my site to advertise for themselves.


  7. NEVER use Doteasy. I live in Ireland and I am very busy. I used to do websites and at one stage had about 30 with Doteasy. When ever a website lapsed they started to charge my credit card for totally bogus services for websites that were not even on the web. Negotiations are impossible as they only offer in house credits and will bot explain how they charge properly and avoid giving direct answers. They get away with this because they are based in Western Canada and know that they are almost untouchable (by me at least). I am starting a campaign online shortly to expose their cheap scam which must net them millions.

  8. They totally screwed me on the 60 day domain lock on one of my domains a while back and recently tried to jack me on the 1.95/month hosting + 25 dollar domain after being with them for years even though new customers are getting 15 dollar domains with hosting included! They are very shady. I will be more careful about chinese in the future.

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