Progress on E2 Portfolio was my first ever (proper) website. I’ve recently been in the progress of converting it into a dynamically-updated online portfolio/playground. It pulls results from my WIPUP WIPSpace and displays them in a unique, portfolio-worthy layout. Last weekend I got the opportunity to turn one of my ideas into code – but there are still many things to work out, fix, and implement. Experienced developers would immediately notice two – the usability issue on the "more" button (not many realise you can click it more than once), and the 40×40 thumbnails, which are pretty much useless for actually displaying anything other than a slight splash of colour.

There is a demo hosted on WIPUP, so if you’re interested I would appreciate your comments.

Please note that all thumbnails are currently just placeholders for future thumbnails which will be pulled directly from WIPUP.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have been working on quite a few stuff as well as some real life projects. There will be a minor WIPUP release on the 23rd to bring some polish to the system and to fix bugs.

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