Plug round generic free 3D model

Preview of the generic round plug

This is a free 3D model of a generic round plug. All sorts of electrical appliances have plugs and so this is a generic one you can use anywhere. Most of them are made of black rubber, which I've measured here.

The pins are not included in this model, and neither is the wire. This is because the plug is likely to be plugged into a socket. If you need a socket in Australia, there is a 3D model of an Australian double GPO. Wires vary based on what appliance you have, and so you will need to model the wire yourself.


The colours have been calibrated with Macbethcal but the specularity and roughness values are guessed.


This Radiance model follows the Radiance Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. As such, please run make lib to build the Radiance mesh file. Once done, you can use this in your scene by:

!xform lib/plug-round-generic/obj/model.rad


This model was created by Dion Moult.

Free 3D model download


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