…back with a tux.

The thinkMoult blog is back! (with a purpose). Before anything, you might have noticed that e2-productions.com is down. That’s because I’m fully rewriting the whole site.

If you like PHP, simple webdesign, graphics, or are just interested in making a site, this is something you’d better look out for. E2-Productions is going to be built from scratch, featuring mainly a development system, user system, portfolio generator, resources etc…and will all be built using my lovely PHP framework, called POSE2. POSE2 is a very simple framework, and basically routes all the information in an intelligent way, allowing you to arrange your files also in an intelligent way. This way, you don’t get lost in all the clutter of a huge website. Not only that, everything is neatly ordered in Modules, which means you can cut out a certain section of your site, and give it to a friend, which will be completely compatible with their site. wow.

This blog will be updated ASAP, and even more on wednesday after my exams are finished. Coming soon will be the download of the POSE2 PHP Framework, and the release of the website’s current stage. (if you’re lucky, you can go to e2-productions.com right now and see if you can access my localhost – which will be available until i reset my modem or my computer.

Now, about my computer, I’m now no longer on my dying 10 year old ancient desktop which requires prayers to boot up. I’m now on a sexy, (only 3 years old) laptop with 240MB ram (might upgrade it later) running on Gentoo, linux. I’ve learnt so much about linux so far (something to blog about in the future), and now it has Firefox, aMSN, The GIMP, Blender, Audacity, Apache, OpenOffice, BitchX IRC, CLI ftp, Vim…etc. All the power tools needed for graphics, sound, servers, programming, chat, and work. What else do I need? Oh, yes, I added two games in case I get bored. (available on portage), such as “Chickens”, which involves blowing up chickens utilizing rocket launchers, shotguns, quick wit, intelligence, strategy, positioning…oh no, wait…yeah, you just blow up chickens mindlessly. Another, is XPilot (and XPilot-NG), so far, it’s been a pretty addictive game, especially because I lag all the european servers. You should try it out.

So, until Wednesday, then. Then you’ll have some pretty stuffez.


Blender Extraordinaire.

Following a link found on the popular Blender newscast site BlenderNation.com, I came to a site which compared Blender3D – a FREE 3D program – to paid programs such as Maya, Lightwave, Autodesk, etc. The result? Sure, we have our ups and downs, but other than that, Blender is right up there with the big boys.

Given this information, I don’t see why Blender just doesn’t hop right up and declare immense popularity. I guess people don’t take Blender seriously enough compared to something they feel they “paid” for. Or maybe they look at its stunning 12MB filesize. Or maybe they’re just scared by its cluttered interface. (Yeah, but you get used to it)

What’s the purpose of this post? Nothing actually. This is another of the 99% of useless blog posts. However, just think about Blender for a while. If you’re thinking about starting 3D art/animation, why not use Blender?

Decide for yourself: http://www.tdt3d.com/articles_viewer.php?art_id=99


I’m tired, but not enough to wake up.

Researchers now know that sleep is an active and dynamic state that greatly influences our waking hours, and they realize that we must understand sleep to fully understand the brain.

I am typing this now close to midnight. I ask myself, “why sleep?” Not because I’m staring at the computer with my brain shut off, not because I’m addicted to RSI, but because I am curious. Following a simple google search I came up with this: http://www.helpguide.org/life/sleeping.htm – to be honest, I once read an article about some old lady who managed to run on 3 hours every 2 days. I think that’s pretty swash.

I also found this link: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/chasleep.html – comparing us with animals, we can look at the brown bat, who clocks a stunning 19.9 hours a day sleeping. This isn’t surprising, as it’ll be hard to get up if you’re lying upside down. We’ve then got the other end of the spectrum, featuring the giraffe, clocking in a mere 1.9 hours of sleep.

In my opinion, sleeping is the equivalent to a pause button in a movie. Except that everything else doesn’t stop. So it’s a type of personal time warp system. In other words, it’s pretty cool. I’ve got an expedition the next day? I sleep early. I’ve got an interview? I (try) to sleep early. I’ve got an exam? I spend the whole night revising. I’m in the exam? I daydream (touch wood). Sleeping reminds me of a Dilbert joke I read quite a while ago: “We’re going to release our new product, it can bring people 1 hour into the future in only 60 minutes!”

G’night folks.


You’re plain wrong.

If you’re not scared or angry at the thought of a human brain being controlled remotely, then it could be this prototype of mine is finally starting to work.

Recently coming across this quote online, I was obviously curious. If mind control actually existed, and we could harness its power, maybe we could have some fun for a while. So, naturally, I searched for it online and came up with this: http://www.phinnweb.org/neuro/brainwash/ – tips and techniques for brainwashing people. I just thought it useful (or harmful, depending on how you interpret it) and decided to share it here.

1) REPETITION – Going through the same subject over and over again until it is known by heart.

2) ACTIVITY PEDAGOGICS – The subjects are never left alone nor give any private time of their own, they are always in activity.

3) CRITICISM AND SELF-CRITICISM – The subjects are supposed to feel uncertain; under the constant threat of being humiliated and despised.

You really enjoyed reading this article, didn’t you?