One project finishes construction, another starts.

Blog posts are getting a little r- wait a minute- oh, there haven’t been many blog posts! This of course doesn’t mean I’ve been lounging around doing nothing, but probably means I’m doing more since I’m not clearing out the random gunk that accumulates in that little hole in my brain.

Anyways, firstly the project that has recently been “finished” (well, technically I’m still waiting for a little bit here and there to fill up the rest of the pages – but the bulk is done anyway), is the grand web-portfolio of Erik Kylen. The web system is using Kohana of course, and behind the scenes there is a very simple administrator panel to CRUD portfolio items.


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Also, after so many empty sentences saying I will get back to The ThoughtScore Project, I finally have. A lovely bonus is that this time the update includes both a riveting storyline update as well as pretty pictures (or I think they are pretty anyways).


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More awesome in the oven. Temperature set on high. Very high.

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