Monitor LG 24M38H free 3D model

Front preview of the LG 24M38H computer monitor

Back preview of the LG 24M38H computer monitor

The LG 24M38H computer monitor is a fairly generic black computer monitor. It has a 1920x1080 screen resolution with a typical brightness of 200 cd/m^2. It has a brushed black texture on its plastic frame, and some decals for menu icons on the screen.


The colours have been calibrated with Macbethcal but the specularity and roughness values are guessed.

The brushed texture was generated digitally and not from a photograph to ensure its uniformity in tiling.

The computer monitor screen glow is taken from an HP LCD monitor measured by Greg Ward at LBNL for the New York Times (work sponsored by NYSERDA). It is taken from his VDT.mat file. The screen is displayed on by default, showing a 1920x1080px texture which is a typical screenshot where the maximum value on the screenshot texture is less than 1. The measured screen is at 250 cd/m^2, as such, it is brighter than what this product actually is, but still within the realm of what LCD monitors can produce. There are some simplifications in the monitor texture which is documented in the .mat file.

The transparent plastic materials are defined as a dielectric, which is just guessed, but they are small enough pieces to be simply decorational and not significantly affect any simulation.


This Radiance model follows the Radiance Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. As such, please run make lib to build the Radiance mesh file. Once done, you can use this in your scene by:

!xform lib/monitor-lg-24m38h/obj/monitor-lg-24m38h.rad


This model was created by Dion Moult.

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