Lamp sconce LG125/860B22 free 3D model

Preview of the wall sconce with an LG125/860B22 lamp

I have this spherical sconce luminaire in my house. I don't know what product it is or where it came from, but I measured it. It has a plastic socket and it has a white coated sphere as a globe / bulb. So yes, technically this model includes the full luminaire, and that's why I kept "sconce" in the name.

The globe / lamp itself as an LG125/860B22 bulb with a opal polycarbonate diffuser sphere, with a white plastic shell. It with the following features:

There is no .ies file.


The colours have been calibrated with Macbethcal but the specularity and roughness values are guessed.

Two version of the bulb material are provided - one is when the bulb is off, and one when the bulb is on. As there is no .ies file, but as the globe emits a rather omnidirectional white light, it is approximated with a light material, with the options taken from lampcolor. Depending on which .rad file you include, you can either turn the bulb on or off.


This Radiance model follows the Radiance Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. As such, please run make lib to build the Radiance mesh file. Once done, you can use this in your scene by:

!xform lib/lamp-sconce-lg125-860b22/obj/bulb-off.rad
!xform lib/lamp-sconce-lg125-860b22/obj/bulb-on.rad


This model was created by Dion Moult.

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