KDE.org relaunch with a brand new design!

I think I can safely assume that although there were signs from the latest mockup that suggested the design that was released today nobody really expected what came out to come out. Well, the final layout is out and recorded as per protocol in the WIPUP project. It can be seen in detail here. As usual the full project timeline can be seen in my WIPUP profile page.

Well, go check out the KDE.org website to see the real deal. For those interested in more details they can read the KDE Dot article about the relaunch. Pretty awesome, except that I was originally credited as "Doin Moult" (now fixed). Hopefully I should be poking my nose into more KDE www projects in the future.

Also happy to see a spike up to almost 1000 views in the past week of WIPUP updates. I know it’s unfinished and all, but I must say I quite like using the system. Perhaps in the future I should try out some other media types in my updates to see how well they fare.

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  1. I must say this time it was being at the right place at the right time. I’m also quite shocked :P

    There are still quite a few technical quirks to be sorted out but hopefully that’ll be ironed out in due time.

    Meanwhile WIPUP has been seeing some fancy updates and some much needed polish and I’ll release the February release date soon.

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