How to solve the big Internet problem.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Internet is full of trash.

When I say trash, I don’t just refer to websites and data, I mean people. The Internet has a startlingly similar effect to drugs – its addictive and makes people act like idiots. As you’ve probably already guessed from the title, these two are the “big internet problem(s)”.

Addiction is one that is easily fixed and is progressively being fixed. As we integrate technology and the Internet more and more into our daily lives addiction will be disguised as a lifestyle. If you can’t see the problem anymore, you don’t try to solve it. Not because it’s the right or wrong thing to do, it’s because most people are lazy arses (I once misspelt “lazy” as “lady” in a chat conversation, big mistake) and so the tackling the fundamental problem becomes quite futile.

The second is that people start acting like idiots. The reasons for this falls neatly into two categories: 1) they were idiots to begin with, and 2) they interacted too much with real idiots and so acculturated accordingly. Removing the first category kills two birds with one stone, which is what I shall accomplish in my lovely plan which I’ll write about in a bit.

In a bit.

Here’s the plan. You let evolution take its course. You simply remove the Internet. For a year or two. The issue lies with the fact that you can’t punch somebody through a computer screen. Once you remove the Internet, idiots cannot hide behind aliases and are forced to be idiots to real, live people.

These innocent people will be suddenly exposed to a huge influx of stupidity and will involuntarily resort to their instincts – to vent out their frustration in the most effective way possible. The most effective way is also normally proportional to the amount of pain the idiot experiences.

A year or two of this shock treatment should be enough to weed out the majority of this problem. We then put the Internet back up and purge any website that isn’t visited within the first couple of days. The people hosting these websites that get purged which represent more than 30% of the total amount of folks they host will be suspended for manual interrogation.

This one to two year absence of the internet will also remove Internet addiction. It should be ample time for people to redevelop a lifestyle that doesn’t revolve around the constant communication the Internet provides.

We’d also save on a crapload of energy costs for those two years. This has major environmental advantages. We’d also shutdown a good percentage of our industry with labourers with non-transferrable skills, not to mention seriously harm the backbone of many other businesses. However this will also allow us to look with a fresh vision on whatever stupid economic system we’ve got in place today. This is the jolt we all need to start restructuring our societies, not with visionaries spouting their optimism to closed ears but an actual realisable event.

Ok. I promise I’ll do a real post when I’m next due.

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  1. Internet is a mere medium of exchange. I seriously doubt if stupidity can be attributed to a medium.

    besides, a whole lot of business and commercial transactions have become tied into the internet and it has become indispensable in some ways.

    I know your suggestion wasn’t really serious, but if it happened, there would be a tremendous losses arising from it, least of which is that many people cannot access their bank accounts, commercial information or payment gateways.

  2. besides, a whole lot of business and commercial transactions have become tied into the internet and it has become indispensable in some ways. <-- exactly. Read the link on the words "whatever stupid economic system". I think this massive restructuring is needed - and since we're so tied into the internet this is something that could solve it.

  3. It all boils down to evolution,as you have said. I think no one can judge evolution,whether it is right or wrong,for the better or the worse.

    Getting tied to the internet is part of human evolution, along with other supposedly negative activities eg. over-dependency on mobile phones, text messaging(causing a deficiency in language and grammar), and on automobiles.

    If the internet will ever be removed, it would only prove a rejection to evolution. But again, indeed–there is massive restructuring needed on the internet, space for improvement.

  4. It all boils down to whether or not anything I said was practical. Just because I say it’s a realisable event doesn’t mean you should believe me.

    The fact is, with or without the internet there will still be idiots, and we’d still have to deal with them. We also know that you can’t fight the internet, so please put up with it.

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