Good riddance, Twitter.

Twitter has successfully put the “Twit” in “Twitter”. Some people realised that I apparently vanished off the face of the Earth on Twitter. I realised that I used Twitter in a way that was better served through other methods. I followed people/groups in order to keep up with tech news, and mainly “tweeted” in order to alert others of new updates on my various projects.

The first is obviously a crappy function duplication of the RSS aggregator – except for lazy people. The people that I were following that weren’t simply news corporations were, quite frankly, idiots. Well, idiots on Twitter.

No. I don’t want to hear about the weather, no matter how you choose to describe it. I don’t care for parrots who simply re-tweet everything. I especially don’t want to hear about your depressing thoughts described in the most enigmatic and bullshit words possible.

What I do like however is people who can readily distinguish between reality and their own little fantasy world and know which of those other people like to know about. Once that distinction is made I’d like further categorisation for time-wasters and useful information. Sad to say that I didn’t really see anything in the “useful information” column outside news companies – who reported real people doing real things that made real impacts.

As interesting as technology might be, the Internet is the nine-years consecutive winner of the “stupid content” award. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this blog post, which lists the most popular alphabetically listed search terms on Google after “I like to”, including my all-time favourites “I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur” and “I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger“. So-called Social Networks like Twitter are propagating this nonsense and it stands to reason that my Tweets were being read by similar idiots. Or not read at all.

Suffice to say that my account was better off being nonexistent. I wish to disassociate myself from this crowd and remain close to my ideals.

Dion Moult

I've been developing software for well over 10 years, work as an architect (not the computer kind, the regular sort), and am classically trained as a pianist. I try to do the right thing when I get the chance in my field, such as through contributing to open-source communities and promoting sustainable living.

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  1. Hey !

    I am so happy to read someone who finally thinks exactly like me ! Since the start of twitter, I really don’t understand all this excitement around it … Seriously I really think that all that is just a waste of time .

    Two years ago, it was fancy and “cool” for every geek to be on twitter and tweet about his “tech” things …

    Now it has just become crap, everybody is kind of trying to do marketing with it , retweeting everybody, It is just a pure waste of time …

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