Free major and minor scales for piano sheet music

Two months have gone by without blogging. In that time, I’ve been wrapping up the first half of my uni year. There are plenty of stories to tell, but I’ll delay that just a little bit longer.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some basic scores I produced for piano. I teach piano in my spare time, and I find it quite irksome that there aren’t any nicely-engraved free scores for download online for basic exercises such as major and minor (both harmonic and melodic) scales. These are also great if you’re trying to learn piano on or a similar site.

The score is 5 pages long. The first two covers major scales, and the final three cover the minor scales, which alternate between harmonic and melodic. Fingering is included when there are fingering changes. The sheet has no copyright or attribution text that might get in the way of professionalism when presenting to students. The sheet is created using LilyPond, which is quite possibly the world’s best music engraving software.

Free piano major and minor scales sheet music

Click here to download (Edit: now goes to

The document is licensed under CC-BY. You are required to attribute (by linking to this page) should anyone ask or if you want to share this on your own website.

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  1. Finally found the scales I have been looking for to help me get a better picture of how to play better! Thank You!

  2. Woe! I’m really s sax and woodwind player and sometime teacher but I do need bass clef and to find the scales in sequence, laid out simply and in just the way I like has saved a great deal of time and effort. Thank you very much.I also use the “Harmonic Clock” a great deal. There’a thought! Take Care. Terry

  3. At last, a sensible, down to earth, easy to read scale sheet. I can now replace my original 45 year old sheet that to be honest has seen better days. Many thanks…..

  4. Do you know where I can get sheet music for the corresponding cords. I absolutely love the scales sheet music

  5. Thank you for your resource. I am starting to learn piano again after giving up during lessons for several months over 10 years ago. The internet can help so often. Thank you for your work :)

  6. I’m Not sure, the most common I guess. I’m trying to teach myself to play after 30 years of not playing.
    Any suggestions on books to buy?

  7. This is a good and simple way to learn the scales. it has helped me to teach my students. Can you give the diminished seventh arpeggio scale on B flat

  8. Thank you for doing this! It’s so very helpful for my piano lessons and voice class! You should put some arpeggios and cadence books out, I would buy them!
    Thank you!

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