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Hey folks, I haven’t posted anything since the SLUG meeting for (what should be) obvious reasons. University has started and it takes a little time for me to adjust back into a schedule after almost a year without one. I’m still working out the kinks to juggle university, freelancing, family time, thoughtscore, wipup, sports, music, time well wasted (reading, tv, internet), household work and socialising. It’s a little tricky but I should have it sorted out soon (there’s no such thing asĀ not enough time). Not enough motivation, maybe, but never not enough time.

I am still doing things, which can be seen trickling slowly into WIPUP, but one of the more interesting ones that warrants a blog post was a short film-making competition I took part in a week ago. First off, I know nothing about filmmaking. 3D animation a little perhaps, but not filmmaking. So I initially went it just to have some fun. However walking away with first prize was definitely not what I had expected. Here was the entry after several hours of filming and splicing the video clips together.


P.S. Yes, of course, Blender was used as the VSE.

Dion Moult

I've been developing software for well over 10 years, work as an architect (not the computer kind, the regular sort), and am classically trained as a pianist. I try to do the right thing when I get the chance in my field, such as through contributing to open-source communities and promoting sustainable living.

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  1. You are creative. You have a great career ahead of you, I can see.

    About motivation. You’re damn right. Lack of motivation can kill time faster than mere boredom.

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