Blender 3D printed Suzanne model

Dion Moult


Here’s a 3D printed monkey head using Blender.

Suzanne, the monkey mascot from Blender
Suzanne, the monkey mascot from Blender

It’s Suzanne! It’s Blender’s mascot monkey 3D printed with a Makerbot. It’s about 45x40x50mm from a 3mm black plastic spool, and sits on your desk on on your keyboard staring at you with its docile eyes.

It’s a little lumpy, mainly due to the low resolution of the printer, but a little bit more planning could’ve improved it a little - as seen below:

A lumpy 3D print
A lumpy 3D print

You can see where the scaffolding was attached as well as where plastic dripped down, causing some unevenness in the layering.

For the technically-inclined, the model was exported to obj, then re-exported to stl in Rhino (because Blender’s stl didn’t seem to work), and then the rest is standard as documented here.


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