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blender2.5-dev1Hello everybody, I’m back from my 5 day jungle trek and I’m just catching up on what I’ve missed throughout the week. I was initially going to award you all with a post about the trek itself, but it turns out Jonathan Williamson from Montage Studio (the very same who does the Blender screencasts and gave some good tips for ThoughtScore) has got himself a Blender build for Windows 7 and has recorded a short screencast demo-ing the development.

I am truly amazed with what has been going on and I will definitely throw myself back into Blender this holiday and its stuff like this that really shows what open-source is capable of. Blender is one serious threat to the huge commercial monopoly in the 3D industry. Here is a short list of the features he describes:

  • New design/look
  • Panel splitting/deleting/management
  • Not limited to one window only
  • Massive reorganisation of features that make it more intuitive
  • Real-time playback animation while editing
  • Real-time playback animation while rendering
  • Every single value in Blender can now be animated
  • Support for macro options
  • New transform panel
  • Search option for features

Without further ado:

Clicky here to watch the video.

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  1. @Christopher Allan Webber: Well, that my good sir is the result of me wanting a screenshot of 2.5 to go with the post. Apparently you’re high up on the Google Images hits :)

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