Back in business

The past month and a bit has been terribly hectic, working on our last pieces of our various projects and preparing for portfolio submissions which happened on Monday and yesterday. Sleep had been lost, excessive eating out due to time constraints, and in general all other projects slowed down to a crawl.

Now, however, the two portfolios have been submitted, and so the bulk of the work is gone. There are still classes going on, but not for much longer, and the workload for them is pitiful compared to the portfolios. This means I’m back in business, first catching up with my freelance, which have clients waiting, and then the Summer of KDE project, ThoughtScore, WIPUP, and perhaps some music.

I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t join the KDE WebWorld sprint due to my semester still going on, but hopefully I’ll still be able to put in contributions despite not physically being there.

Anyways, for those who haven’t already seen, here is a sneak peek at my portfolio (in horrible phone-camera quality):

So, now that I’ve caught up on sleep, back to work!

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