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Dion Moult


If you would like to keep up to date with latest articles and developments published on thinkMoult, you can do so using this Atom feed link. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link below:

What is an Atom feed?

An Atom feed is a special online link that you can insert into a program called a “Feed reader”. A feed reader will check for updates on thinkMoult, and whenever there is a new article, it will show up in your feed reader program. This is less annoying that email subscriptions, does not harass you with advertising, and faster to browse than using a web browser.

Imagine a completely personalised newspaper, populated by the feeds that you find interesting. Almost all websites that publish content online offer a “feed link”, just like thinkMoult. This includes news websites, social networks, and blogs.

If you have heard of RSS feeds, Atom works just like RSS does, and most feed readers can read both Atom and RSS feeds.

There are many feed reader programs available for computers and phones. If you are on Android, I can recommend Feeder, and if you are on Linux, I can recommend newsbeuter.

Alternative social channels

I do microblogging on the fediverse. You can check it out at

If you are not interested in the fediverse, you can still keep up to date with these developments by following this Mastodon Atom feed.

The fediverse is a distributed social network - where anybody can host their own social network and moderate its content how they’d like, and then subscribe and post across other networks too. This is similar to email, anybody can host their own email, and that doesn’t stop you from emailing other people who use different hosts. This type of social network helps prevents censorship, discourages data mining and privacy violations, and promotes free software.

I do not post articles on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, due to their policies on data mining and personal privacy.


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