I’ve been getting all my exam results back – and they seem to be pretty decent :)

Anyways, I’ve spent the last few days mainly configuring my computer, including switching over to Fluxbox as a window manager instead of Xfce, and configuring Fluxbox to all my needs, menus, shortcuts, desktops, toolbar, slit, etc. Of course, I also spent some time configuring my previous applications and adding some new ones.

I spent a full-day session with a buddy on Saturday discussing some cool “behind-the-scenes” work for the most secretive E2 project ever started (recently). So now I’m going to spoil all the fun. I’m working through some pretty darn ambitious personal projects right now, and they’re progressing pretty well…but what about in a team project? A friend and I got together and decided to do something about simulations, AI, that sort of thing. We got some motivation off ventrella.com (they’ve got some pretty cool stuff there) and went on towards designing our own project. At the moment all we’ve got is a huge amount of “oh, whoops, I just remembered that what we’re trying to do is classified as AI-COMPLETE, so…I guess we’ll just continue”. Won’t spoil it too much now, but I’ll give you some serious updates on the site soon.

The E2 website should be up within the next week. Together with that will be a POSE2 version, some POSE2 modules for download, some new 3D models, and a ThoughtScore update. I’m sorry if it seems as though I’m just saying “oh, we’re going to give all this stuff, but not yet”, but I really am going to give it really soon. I’ll update you when I do :)

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  1. ohh, nice.
    Within a week?
    I’m mad excited.

    I’m trying to learn Python, so maybe I’ll be able to help with making some stuff in the near future :)

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