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It’s nearing 2011, which means we’re smack in the middle of Christmas, many things are finishing and many things are about to begin, and tradition states that now is the time to stop, reflect, realign, and shape up. I haven’t been blogging regularly as of late (given my 2 week absence) and my usual efforts to try and post every alternate day has evaporated. Mostly it’s because WIPUP has absorbed a lot of my usual verbose documentaries on the current progress of my projects (as was its purpose), but also because I haven’t exactly been doing loads lately. In fact, I’m now proudly spending some quality wasted time, and I feel as though I’ve deserved it.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on so far. The ThoughtScore project has been relaunched and has some excellent momentum going for it. Pictures are churning out slowly as texturing is a tedious process, but on the other hand at least the storyline is getting a lot of love. WIPUP recently had a big release, as well as an appearance in Google Code-In, which may or may not result in awesome KDE integration. I’ve got myself a VPS, and learned the ins and outs of setting up a DNS server and a mail server, thus migrating thinkMoult and my main email. Various other doodads also popped up including private git hosting for my projects, and a public ADOM game server, which is quite active and seeing regular improvements and updates (and bugfixes!) There has been quite a bit of private enjoyment such as reading, learning C++, photography and music composition, and in time they will mature to see their place on WIPUP. I’ve also been publicly insulting the KDE website and discussing/proposing solutions with the kde-www team, and this is currently very much in progress as well. I also recently received a charming package from KDE eV from the KPresenter design competition, including a wicked t-shirt, a postcard and a sticker. Of course, I’ve also been doing freelancing work with the folks over at OmniStudios and the workload should increase as I start university.

Speaking of university, let’s see what’s coming up on the horizon. I’ll be off to Canada early Christmas morning (Christmas on a plane!), and will likely be having a quick 1-2 day kde-www sprint there in the midst of mingling with relatives. The days are very, very packed, and so I have a short time to reunite with Malaysia and within the same week, off to begin my new life in Australia. In other words, a lot more of "real life" is coming up.

My current plan is somewhat along the lines of "don’t panic". I might tweak it a little later :)

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