10 Reasons to use Linux

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Should I Use Linux?

What is Linux? Some people use Windows, some use Mac, and the rest use Linux.

OK. Well I’ve never heard of it before. So it can’t be popular.

Darn correct you are. Linux is used by a tiny percentage of computer users. The main problems with that is that there are so many versions (distros) of Linux, it isn’t considered “easy to use”, and the blokes at Windows and Mac have money to advertise.

However, I would like to personally say that I love Linux. Not because I believe it’s better than Windows and Mac, but because Linux has proved to me almost daily that it truly is better than Windows and Mac. However, let’s skip my geeky recollections of how Linux has saved my life, and go straight to 10 reasons I believe it is better.

Linux is free.

Yeah. It doesn’t cost a single cent. Not like Windows and Mac where you have to break your bank just to buy it, then break it again to buy support, then break it again to upgrade, then … you get the idea. Even if you only spend 10 bucks at your neighborhoods pirating firm .. well, I wouldn’t even think Windows is worth 10 bucks.

Linux is open-source.

This means that the development isn’t confined to a bunch of nerdy folks in a company’s building. Everybody can contribute to it. Of course, that means that Linux gets its share of the crud that some people create, but those are generally just lost in the wave of the really good other stuff. However, the net result is that it gets improved at an astounding rate.

Linux is fast.

Yeah. It’s so speedy it makes Windows look like myself on a Monday morning at 3AM. Nobody can argue this point.

Linux is secure.

If you’re looking for vaccine to protect your Windows from the evil germs and viruses you get when browsing the web, downloading illegal content (yeah, don’t try to pretend you don’t), or opening a random disk you bought … Linux is the ultimate answer. So say good-bye to having to dump gigabytes of anti-virus software on your machine.

Linux is customisable.

With Windows and Mac, you’re limited to having your computer work the way you want it to by dialog boxes, wizards, third party apps and other sort of freakish registry editors, etc you can find on the flea market. With Linux, there’s no hassle. All the pieces of the puzzle are laid out for you, and its up to you how you want to arrange it.

Linux is easy to use.

OK, before half of you out there cough %$*!* at this, think again. Linux has many versions. Each of them are suited towards different purposes. So if you’re looking for an easy to use Linux, don’t pick something like Gentoo Linux. Pick Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu Linux is so easy to use I swear the hardest thing I had to do in order to get everything working (eg: start working just like I would on a Windows or Mac) was open my CD Drive. Seriously.

Linux is pretty.

Aha! I caught you! Pretty is a relative term, that means what I find pretty might not be what you find pretty! Doesn’t matter. In Linux, you can make it look like anything you want. You can have the fanciest graphics and special effects in the world (search up compiz-fusion on youtube), or the most minimalist environment (google up ratpoison), or anything in between (google up Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Fluxbox, Enlightenment) … or even hybrid mixes of everything.

Linux does not stress your hardware.

Linux can be run on that old piece of junk you just threw out last month. Yes. You don’t needs hundreds of gigabytes of space or 10gb of RAM, it’ll work on your old machines. Now here’s the cue for the more Linux savvy people to say “wait a minute, with the development of modern desktop environments including more features, the hardware capabilities are severely tested by … ” Yeah. Use your brain. If you want something that has more visual effects than Vista and Mac put together, don’t expect it’ll work without lagging (if at all) on your stone-age computer.

Linux’s community is supportive.

There are hundreds of Linux users helping each other every day. Just hop onto the IRC channels #linux (or your distro-specific channel) and they will explain everything you need to know, and will help solve any problems you encounter.

Linux is stable.

Yes, I can leave my computer on for a year and use it constantly and it wouldn’t crash. If that isn’t awesome I don’t know what is.

And many more reasons too!

Just Google up reasons to use Linux. Or if you want the other side … why not to use Linux, there’s plenty of information here and also here. (Warning: sarcasm alert!)

Dion Moult

I've been developing software for well over 10 years, work as an architect (not the computer kind, the regular sort), and am classically trained as a pianist. I try to do the right thing when I get the chance in my field, such as through contributing to open-source communities and promoting sustainable living.

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  1. Nice post.
    I love Linux. Unfortunately, I can’t fit it on my current hard drive due to Windows and games being such space hogs, but soon I’m getting a bigger hard-drive, and this one will be dedicated to Linux.
    Ran it for a few months without a Windows partition, but eventually I needed games, and then that need for games expanded beyond the need for Linux.

  2. I just bought vista. typical. :(

    I’ll try linux next time ^^ if linux was commercial they should definitely hire you to market it =P

  3. Great article, I’m using Gentoo right now on all (6) of my computers, everything from a P2 at 233Mhz with 64MB ram, to a Dell P3 laptop with 512, to a Athlon 64 3400+ with a gig of ram and 2 monitors.

  4. good reasons! i had forgotten how memory efficient linux is until just a few days ago, when i got a new laptop with vista, and the os and all the bloatware took up 50 gigs.

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