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WIPUP 27.06.10a released!

It’s super, it’s amazing, and it’s released. It’s WIPUP 27.06.10a. For the uninitiated,¬†WIPUP is a flexible and easy way for people to share, critique, and track works-in-progresses.

To quote some random person, this release truly brings out the “hey, it’s like a working site now“. This release sports super fancy upgrades courtesy of my schedule, which is now free from exams and school. Check out the WIPUP website now, and read the release notes.

Of course it’s also open-source, so not only do we welcome new users, but developers too! This is hopefully the last “alpha” release, so feel free to join.


Josh says: (27 June 2010)

I wonder who some random person could be. I am intrigued. This new update is really top-notch Moult, nice work.

Dion Moult says: (27 June 2010)

For the curious Josh said the quote. Pretentious, eh?

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