Dion Moult Seriously who ever reads this description.

When an image is stuck in your head…

… you fire up The GIMP and whack it down. It isn’t the full image, but I don’t think I want to share the full image.

Or if you’re interested in zmobies:

I’ve really always wanted to try this style. Large scale version is available on the WIPUP update.

I will be having mock exams from the 1st to the 8th, and have a bunch of gerbloach booked up until the 12th, so updates will be sparse (which is probably a good thing, given the brainfart I’ve been having lately).


Josh says: (27 February 2010)

This is like the style of that animation, I like it.

Dion Moult says: (27 February 2010)

I wouldn’t say fully in that style, but there were definitely parts which were inspired by it.

hari says: (1 March 2010)

Haha… very interesting theme. :P

By the way, what techniques did you use to draw this?

Dion Moult says: (1 March 2010)

Just your regular GIMPwork. Pen tool and fill tool with many layers with each layer a different opacity.

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