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PHP CMSes done right: how to enable clients to edit content appropriately

In the previous post, I talked about how CMSes harm websites. I debunked the oft used selling points of faster, cheaper and client empowerment over websites and explained how CMSes butcher semantic markup, code decoupling, tasteful style, speed optimisations, maintenance ease and code freedom. Now I want to mention a few ways how a CMS […]

Content Management Systems harm websites

Yes, you read that right! Customers looking to build a web application are often wooed by the many ‘benefits’ of using a Content Management System. But before we begin: What is a content management system (abbreviated CMS)? When a web site is built, complicated code is written to allow it to function. Some of this […]

thinkMoult blog design updated.

It’s come a long way since the original concept redesign back in the July of 2009. The thinkMoult blog has been incrementally updated probably once a month with small tweaks to the layout. The blog has been stripped originally from its (relatively) featureful edition to the bare essentials – ie. a streaming wall of text […]

Make a category not considered as a post in WordPress

In other words, how do you make posts that are in a certain category not count towards total page post count in WordPress? A while back I set up Asides on this blog. The problem was that previously I was displaying 5 posts per page. Now with asides it still displayed 5 posts per page, […]

Implemented a new “Asides” feature.

As you might’ve guessed, the thinkMoult blog is not the fanciest WordPress implementation in the neighbourhood. Heck, our sidebar disappeared a while back. The site currently uses three plugins: a related posts feature, one that allows you to subscribe to comments, and finally good ol’ Akismet which likes to delete any comments that mention the […]

Now officially vulnerable to muscle aches! Oh, and WordPress 2.7.

Oh joy! I get an excuse to talk about something else other than tech for a while. For the past few days, my skin seems to have been plagued with what resembles a nasty case of chicken pox, except that it’s restricted to certain regions, such as my hands (like I’m wearing weird lumpy gloves), […]

WordPress 2.6.5

Well, it seems as though version 2.6.4 has – well, quite literally been scrapped and the developers have skipped right on to 2.6.5. I’m up to date, and again using it as an excuse to take up a post on my writing schedule. For want of something more interesting to talk about, apparently Mr. Stallman […]

WordPress Updated

As usual, I’m about two versions behind. (2.6.1) I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and upgrade WordPress. Happy to say it was flawless and we’re now running on 2.6.3. (Wow great excuse to use up a whole post – don’t worry I’ve got stuff in store)

Tada! 2.6.1!

I’ve just upgraded the WordPress version to 2.6.1. Taaa daaaa!

WordPress 2.6

I have just upgraded (flawlessly) the installation to WP 2.6. Hurrah!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Yes, that’s right! We’ve migrated (To change location periodically, especially by moving seasonally from one region to another) to WordPress! The installation was smooth, and we’ve got a sexy theme up doing some jazz for the the thinkMoult page!