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Countdown to KDE 4.4 and the new KDE website: 4 days left

Another day and we continue to see development on the KDE website redesign. We’re fleshing out the KDE webdesign mockup seen yesterday into a full page and it’s taking shape slowly but surely. Check it out here. As usual you can see the full series (3 in total now) on my WIPUP profile.

Countdown to KDE 4.4 and the new KDE website: 5 days left

Right, it’s a day later and it’s time to see where we’ve gotten with the redesign of the KDE website. As most of you noticed yesterday, the main gripes were with the header of the design. Today’s update is a small but necessary one – one that shows the start of a new design idea. […]

Countdown to KDE 4.4 and the new KDE website

I like dabbling in web development and design and so I was quite happy to be able to participate in the redesign of the new KDE.org website due to release in conjunction with KDE SC 4.4 on February 9th. This was what I was working on during the past week and I must say I’ve […]

Webdesign usability – confusion or convenience?

Today as work is starting to pick up on the WIPUP project, I decided to tackle something that had been nagging at me for quite some time – the header of the design. Before I continue, let’s take a peek at what we currently have: When a fresh user views that page, regardless of aesthetic […]

Never gonna give you up.

My previous post featured a sarcastic article that conflicted with all my interests to take advantage of the fact that somebody had hacked my school website to make it rick-roll everybody. They accredited (see synonym “framed”) this hacking to me, linking to my blog in the process. This allowed me to use my blog to […]

The Euphemism Website – the failed idea.

One of the websites I always wanted to make was a Euphemism dictionary. It would be pretty similar to urbandictionary in terms of concept and allow user-defined euphemisms for common insulting phrases. This would thus prevent us racking our brains every single time we wanted to come up with another creative way of saying “my […]

GIMPup a Webdesign #2.

Despite the fact I’m smack in the middle of my mock exams…or should I say “slack in the middle of my mock exams”…I’ve decided to make a generic webdesign. You know, just to keep me on my toes. This one has an utter lack of creativity, and is probably your stereotypical design found on the […]

What is FTP?

Dear readers, today I present to you another guest post giving an introduction to FTP by ┬áthe wonderful NathanKP. For those interested in suggesting their own topics or writing a post to be published (you will be credited accordingly, we have a new “Spam Us” link up there on the navigation just for that very […]

How to Make a Website Part 1 – The Environment

Creating a new website from scratch into the next killer web-app is always tough, but the journey there can always be a fun one, given that your workflow is right, you know what you aim to achieve, and you’ve got the right tools for the job. I’ve decided to document the creation of The E2 […]

Learn how to make a basic website framework.

This will teach you how to setup one page for all pages! So it’ll be a lot easier when changing layouts! Not only that, say GOODBYE to /index.php?page=contact…now you can just have /contact without actually making the directory! This will ALSO teach you how to have a site which you can easily switch version (like […]

How to choose a website host?

This is a much discussed subject when beginners start on website making. I myself have searched long for a good host. Well, let’s keep this straightforward and to the point. First, you need to know what your website will offer. Will it only contain text? Will it have videos? Will users be able to submit […]

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