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Tech tip #11: How to have animated wallpapers in KDE

I’ve seen many people asking how to have animated wallpapers in KDE. The current options include specialised Plasma Widgets, or the rather limited yet specialised array of animated effects, such as desktop globe, seasonal change, or virus simulations. Unfortunately there isn’t a native way to accomplish this, but KDE being KDE, there’s always a workaround. […]

Presenting the Nagger

Over Christmas one of my more humourous gifts to my parents was to allow them to remotely nag each other electronically. Since my dad is often overseas, this actually has some practical use. The idea was to create a remotely synchronised dynamic wallpaper with text that could be set by another person remotely. Person A […]

Design, photography, and servers.

It’s been a hectic few days. First off, I was pleasantly surprised to read on the KDE dot news that the KPresenter template contest winners were announced. I was very happy to hear that my submission had been chosen for 1st place! Here’s a picture for those too lazy to click. Secondly, I’ve been learning […]

Hello Planet KDE!

Hello all KDE users out there! If nothing got borked in the process this blog post should be aggregated in the Planet KDE feed :) Obviously, this is my first post, and that warrants some introduction to any new readers out there. My name is Dion Moult, I am a KDE-user (running on my favourite […]

Some Linux/Gentoo Wallpapers

Just some fun stuff I might share. There are a lot of them, but the majority of them in my opinion are really horrible. Here are some I picked out (Click on them for full size image). Note: I do not claim any credit for making any of them.