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live.WIPUP now available.

I’ve decided to run a live version of WIPUP alongside the monthly updates and it can be accessed at live.wipup.org. The release announcement can be found here. I’ve been a busy little bee these few days, starting driving lessons, starting full-time programming work as well as learning C++, and finally finishing my first ever ADOM […]

WIPUP 21.02.10 released and out in the wild.

WIPUP is a way to conveniently share progress on your projects. Given the mix of solutions used before such as work-in-progress forum threads, blog posts, mailing lists and microblogging, we’re creating a flexible and friendly solution to answer the question “what’s up?”. People focus so much on the finished product they ignore the beauty of […]

WordPress Updated

As usual, I’m about two versions behind. (2.6.1) I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and upgrade WordPress. Happy to say it was flawless and we’re now running on 2.6.3. (Wow great excuse to use up a whole post – don’t worry I’ve got stuff in store)