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It’s the hot topic and we’re all part of it – the Gen Y.

Generation Y was a topic I first touched upon a little over a year ago in early 2009, which was basically a rebellion against this extremist vision provided by ZDNet. While in hindsight it’s true in many aspects it shouldn’t be read without a crapload of salt along with it. Gen Y is a definition […]

iPad, what about you?

Now I really couldn’t resist. Really – and if you haven’t heard of it yet I guess Apple needs to get more fanboys, or at least ones who talk more. The iPad was released yesterday, and is the embodiment of magical Apple orgasm. Here’s a picture. Apple loves pictures. Yep, it’s simply one big iPod/iPhone […]

The economics of technology

The long-term success of a company is caused by its people. The long-term success of a product is caused by the producers. Consumers are not the cause of success, they are a symptom of success. That was the ideaology I got into a debate with my friend the other day. I was pro and he […]

Future of the Workplace due to Technology

One of my Sunday joys (or Saturdays, depending on which day I have free) is filtering through my RSS feeds. It’s quite like reading a newspaper, until I realised the importance of “what is the future going to be like” with the Internets and technology changing everybody’s lives? Here are a couple random thoughts that […]