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Plans for E2-Productions.com to turn into a personal cloud?

Alert! Alert! Buzzword! Yes, before we start, let’s clear up with what I mean when I say "personal cloud". A personal cloud is a web-accessable system which centralises the function of common web 2.0 services, which may or may not be social. For those that aren’t familiar with this jargon, web 2.0 services are those […]

The state of vendor lock-in on handheld services?

In this day and age it seems as though the word smartphone has replaced (or at least become synonymous with) the traditional phones we grew up with. These devices try to tackle the usual on-the-go services: PIM, messaging, casual browsing, multimedia and social networking. However with this is also an attempt to lock users into […]

The zen of PIM

PIM is the acronym for Personal Information Management: todo lists, email, rss, calendar, contacts, journals, blogs, etc. Recently I have been poking around trying to achieve the “zen” of PIM, where my PIM data is accessible from anywhere, and from any medium – from the internet, from my Windows Mobile 6 powered phone, and from […]