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More do, less talk.

I’ve been a busy little bee these few days – you didn’t think WIPUP’s beta release would slow me down eh? Unfortunately for you folks, I like to strike a balance between doing and talking – sure, more talking and doing doesn’t see any results soon, but more do and less talk is just plain […]

Effective data visualisation for the WIPUP dashboard.

Data visualisation is a big, big topic. It’s often underestimated by the majority of society. But what is data visualisation? It’s not so much how effectively you present data – no, it’s how effectively you deliver information. Today since work has resumed on WIPUP I decided to take a look at how to implement effective […]

WIPUP 19.03.10a – under or overcooked?

It’s WIPUP statistics time, folks. I’d like to apologise for the lack of "proper" posts as I’ve been busy making a portfolio for a university application and bachoté in some new ThoughtScore stuff. Yes, that’s right. So a sad excuse is to look at statistics. (Those viewing my profile would probably know this already though) […]

The WIPUP 21.02.10 stats are out.

It’s midweek, 3 mock exams later, and it’s been quite some time since the WIPUP 21.02.10a was released. Yep, that means it’s time to look at the statistics. The reason this didn’t happen earlier is because the WIPUP dashboard stats only update themselves at the beginning of the week in order to save server power […]

After the WIPUP release, the stats are in.

Unless you have short-term memory loss you would remember about a week ago WIPUP 14.01.10 was released. One of the major features of this release was a working and presentable stats section in the account dashboard. Generating statistics is a rather intensive operation on the webserver and would be overkill to have it happen daily, […]